The Battle of the Books

Most classes read 1 book as a class during the school year, but not our 9th graders! They took on the Battle of the Books challenge proposed by Mrs. Battes and Ms. Salvador. Students chose between 4 books ranging in length, difficulty and genre. The books they could choose from were: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Fantasy), Don’t Even Think About It (Comedy), I Know What You Did Last Summer (Horror) and Looking for Alaska (Dramedy).

These last few weeks, our students have been put into teams of 3 to 6 students mixed from both the 9a and the 9b classes. The groups showed off their knowledge by creating posters, complete with images about their books. Each group then presented their work to the other groups, teaching the other students, who read something different, about their own book. The poster project was a success and then students seem to enjoy picking their own books to read and producing something worth showing to their fellow students.

The books will be finished in the coming weeks and the 9th graders will practice writing their first book reports. Some students will give full presentations on their books to their individual classes as well. Based on their work on this small poster, we look forward to what our 9th graders will produce in English once they reach the “Oberstufe”.

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