A creepy story

Liebe Leserin,

Lieber Leser,

der folgende Artikel wurde von unserem Lerner Philipp (8a) verfasst. Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Freude beim Lesen!

It is Monday afternoon, my friend and I are going on a very dangerous trip. We load our jeep and say good bye to our families. Now the trip starts.  We begin in Los Angeles and have the aim to find a secret base from the US Army where they search the earth for aliens. Our plan is to drive throughDeath Valley, in the desert of Nevada. We drive 3 hours and make a stop and check our equipment. Now we´re ready to drive through Death Valley. It is scary. Next to the road there are skulls and bones, lying baked by the sun, white and shiny in the heat of the day.  In the middle of  Death Valley we see a car from afar, parked on the edge of the road. As we get nearer, we see  a corpse in the driver’s seat, shrivelled and with skin like leather. How long has he been dead? Why did he die? I try to call the police, but here is no mobile reception. We decide to call the police after our trip.

We are very happy when we pass through Death Vally. Now we can find the secret base, if there is one. We have a jeep, so we can drive cross-country in the desert. After one hour we can´t see any more roads. About 20 minutes in front of us is a small hill. Having climbed up the hill, we  look through the binoculars at the surrounding dry lands, bushes and rocks everywhere . Then my friend suddenly shouts: „Oh my god. I think there is a a building in the desert.“ I have never seen anything so strange before. It is like an old school. It looks like a school ruin. We don´t think that it is a base from the US Army, but we decide to go there the next day. We want to call our families to let them know our plans, but our mobile phones are overheated. So we sleep in the car.

It is the next morning  and we drive to the ruin. Beforehand, we pick up our weapons, because we don´t know what is there. One and a half hours later we arrive. We go to the entrance of the building. There is a wooden door with red script. In the red script is written 666. I think that is a joke from kids, but my friend says. „That is blood and anyway, how could the kids get here. we are miles from anywhere!“ . I laugh and say: „You´re a yellow-belly !“. I open the door. In the building it smells of dead animal. And on the walls are bloodstains. Now it is also scary for me . We want to go out but the door slams shut. We are trapped …

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