The headless horseman

It was on the 30th of October 1629 in Widergis. A woman with two sons and her husband had prepared a nice dinner. Her husband was a soldier and had come back home from a war mission. As everyone was sleeping, the soldier heard some strange noice in the bedroom of his little sons. He ran to them, but it was too late, the two children were dead and the killer was gone. One week later, a girl found her boyfriend dead and headless in his bedroom, too. The people in Widergis talked about this case to each other and they were very scared.
Three days later, a mother found her son dead. She and her husband were so sad, scared and angry, that the man only wanted to kill the boys’ murderer. One day the people in Widergis saw a headless horseman. He rode with the head of the little boy into the forest and disappeared. The father of the boy followed him into the forest and tried to find out, where the headless horseman was.

Maria, 7a