Kids go to Cabaret!

Das englische Theater in Frankfurt am Main

This past week, the kids of the upper classes attended a performance of Cabaret at the English Theatre in Frankfurt. The evening started with some pizza at the school, which the kids enjoyed, and then continued on with a bus ride to Frankfurt. Upon arrival, the students and teachers relaxed in the in-theatre bar, which provided information about the play on a projected screen. As the play began, the kids sat at full attention after the first song.

A trilingual welcome was given to the audience as the narrator sang ‚Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome‘ and the night club dancers revealed their risqué outfits. Despite the sexy costumes and dancing, the tone of the show was quite different. It dealt with love, commitment, loyalty and expressionism. A dark story, which takes place right before World War II in Berlin, Germany, tells the tale of an American man and a British woman who fall in love in not so perfect circumstances, and what starts out as a party, ends in tragedy. Although the show shocked many of the students, their overall impression was good.

On the following day, the English classes discussed this show with the students who attended, and got some very interesting information as well as predictions from the students about how the story would continue. Overall, the experience was eye-opening and entertaining. Many of the kids have also expressed interest in another English Theatre trip for the future, which the teachers are more than happy to make into a reality.