It happened every six years, the last time in 2011. During the Halloween night an old abandonded house was decorated with jack o lanterns, pumpkins, cobwebs, bones and skulls. For kids it seemed to be a normal house and that was the problem. In 2011 two kids died but one older teenager survived and this is his story. It was a normal Halloween night. My friends Emma and Jack came to my house. We ate some creepy halloween food my mother made for us and talked about the jack o lantern house. Emma told us that the mystery started in 1999. That year 3 kids who went around disappeared but nobody noticed it.

In 2005 two more kids and one aldult died in the house. The police found only their scratched skulls, hanging in the oak tree in the garden of the jack o latern house. This story scared us all. Suddenly Jack blurted out „Let ´s look what happen inside the house“. „Are you kidding me ?“ Emma shouted „Why do you want to go inside this totally creepy house ?“. „It’s Halloween and I want to have some fun“, answered Jack. „I don´t mind, it´s certainly funny“, I agreed. „Really, ?; oh ehm ok, I´ll come with you“, said Emma. So everything started and this was a fatal mistake. Meanwhile it was eleven o’clock and we were on the way to the dark house. It was located at the edge of the old oak grove the bloody oak street, which name was due to the fact that the tree bloody skulls were found there in 2005. Because of all the happening the neighbourhood left their houses and moved away. After five minutes we stood in front of the house and stared at it.
To be continued …

Written by Philipp (9a)