The future looks bright, except when it doesn’t. What would our life look like if tomorrow was 2039? Are there flying cars? What are the jobs we are working in? I can say with absolute certainty that the technical progress will be much further than it is now.

Maybe there are new kinds of prostheses like robot arms, eyes or organs like a heart or lung. What about genetic engineering? Maybe we can order our special “designed” dream-babies with the perfect characteristics. Quite likely we will have a lot or completely sustainable energies like sun, wind, water or – which would be genius – fusion reactors. If we think of the existing humans, maybe we can improve their characteristics like giving a blind person the ability to see.

I’m absolutely sure that there will be many new things that we can’t even imagine, so the only ability is to wait for the year 2039.

Niklas K. (MSS2)