Cambridge Preparation Centre Report!

One (Corona) school year, four different Cambridge exams, 38 candidates in total.

As with all Cambridge exams, a Saturday was spent putting use of language, listening, reading and writing skills to test before finishing with a speaking test taken by external examiners.

In April our MSS3 students , both LK and GK, took their Cambridge Advanced C1 ( 16 candidates) and Cambridge First B2  (6 candidates) exams on a Saturday shortly before their Abitur exams were to begin. The results achieved were remarkably good, with four candidates gaining a C2 pass („überragend“) at Advanced level.

In June a further 16 students from the 8th grade to MSS1 took part in the Cambridge Preliminary B1 (6 participants) and First for Schools B2 (10 participants). Here we also had excellent results with three participants at B2 from the 9th and 10th class attaining a „C1“ pass.

In spite of the nerves, we spent two relatively relaxed days, with  lots of laughter and chat, biscuits and sweets in the breaks. However, regardless of the pass level, every student gave their best and can be proud of themselves. My thanks also go to the English colleagues who gave up their free day to help their pupils through the day.

V. Hillesheim