The grand Farewell

8 years ago, or 96 months, or 384 weeks, or 2688 days, or 64.512 hours ago, the great day happened. Our first day at the Raiffeisen Campus. On this day we knew that we would spend the next 8 years more or less together, presupposed everything went according to plan. For 8 years we woke up early in the morning. For 8 years we met almost every day and spent most of our time together. For 8 years we doodled unnecessary stuff in our notebooks. It won´t take a long time now, until this great time is over. Soon we are supposed to go separate ways and in a few weeks we will not spend the major part of our time together any more. But is this really everything that will remain Did we really spend our time over the last years together to allow relationships to fall apart overnight? School and private, cultural events, that were meant to strengthen the team spirit and togetherness aren´t worth it anymore? I´m sorry, but I can not accept it.

Usually it is common that most of the learners lose sight of each other after leaving school. Of course, there will be some really close friendships, that are going to persist even after graduating. But the fact is, that the feeling of belonging to a group, won´t be the same anymore. We are really looking forward to strike new paths. We are planning our future and we were hardly able to wait for the message that we had passed the “abitur “exam. Nevertheless, I am convinced that deep in our hearts we are all going to miss each other. Currently nobody believes it or talks about it, but truly everyone knows and makes up his mind about it. Our life is changing and this big change of structure possibly appears to feel great and refreshing. But completely losing friends that had become a second family in the last 8 years does not seem to be that great. Thinking about it, the first things that came up into my mind were the special, individual and sometimes even curious character traits that belong to my classmates, who accompany my daily life.

Let´s take a look at Angi for example. Angi is one of my best friends, but she is probably going to work on a cruise liner. Due to that, her whole life and especially her relationships are going to change. I am already missing her funny, hilarious and more often clumsy nature. Well, and then there are classmates like Raphael. The last three years, were full of days in which we were really upset about him. He is a smart-arse. Always was, always will be. Unfortunately, he seriously does know everything better. But are you really able to imagine living a life without a day full of dogmatism or being corrected? I don´t think so. Somehow, we all took it to our hearts. However, it is not just Raphael and Angi, that should be considered. Technically speaking, we all began to see the people over here as a part of our life. A perfect example is Luca with his extremely strange and sometimes misplaced comments, or the fact that Jan uses the same disgusting plastic bottle for the last two years. No matter if you are aware of it or not.

For what my two cents are worth, we will definitely miss each other. We are even going to miss those that we had just little contact with and those we never really liked. Just because over the last 8 years we spent more time with them than we spent with our families. In using these words, I´m not only talking to point out my own view. I´m pointing out everyone´s view. Everyone that is sitting here and listening to what I am saying. For that reason, I am appealing to you, to do your best to enable regular meetings and that the regular contact can be maintained. Please, do me the favour and think about my words. Make up your mind about what you appreciate about each other. Make up your mind about how they affected you daily life. And last but not least, make up your mind about who supported you the last 8 years.

Don´t throw everything away so easily and do not only look for new friendships and relationships. Otherwise I´m convinced you will regret it someday. The world after schooldays won´t spin in a 60- Minutes- tact and no gong will herald the free afternoon anymore, at which we say good bye to each other, knowing that we will see each other again the next day. Everything will change now. Let´s tackle and enjoy all the new challenges but don’t forget the great times we had together.